What’s it?

“Today I have read a funny meme that in most of the classes girls will be the toppers. But women are only 5% in CEOs and only 25% in politics. What will they do after studying so much???”

I gave it thought. It’s true. But why can’t they achieve what they can?

*Is it because of the family pressures???
*Gender bias???
*Lack of opportunities???
*Lack of intelligence???


Then what’s it???

I don’t feel anyone of the above can stop a women. Women are unstoppable. Situations may not support. People may not undertand. Responsibilities may collide with each other. But that’s not the reason.

The real reason is that WE GIVE UP after a point of time. At present there are plenty of opportunities.  It just needs a little dedication towards our dreams. Oppuritinities are everywhere. Give yourself a chance. Follow your dreams. Is never too late.

What do you think? Let me know your views.

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Willpower and Self Discipline

Willpower is the self-determination for something, while Self Discipline is consistently obeyed behavior. We can tell Willpower as a strong desire within us to do something. It has nothing to do with action. Self-Discipline is defined as our actions to achieve something. We may have Willpower for something but to achieve that we need Self Discipline. Both of them seem to be same but if we analyze each of that will have its meaning.

Willpower is determination to do something or to resist something. We should strive ourselves to improve the Willpower, which helps us to create miracles. If you have Willpower you can achieve more than what to think and more than what you believe.  Improving our Willpower is a linear process to be adopted. If you put your mind and soul in your Willpower, you can attract what you want. We need Willpower to start, motivation to continue and hard work to finish it off. Willpower is the first step to start the journey towards our goals. Nothing is impossible to those who have strong Willpower.

Self-Discipline is a continuous process of training ourselves to follow a code of behavior incumbent which reduces slippage.  It’s not a one time thing to do; it’s coming out of our own comfort zone. Mastering Self Discipline is mandatory to reach the highest level of success. It all starts with a thought of improving ourselves by our own rules which should be implemented without If’s and But’s. Self-Discipline is the gap between our goals and achieving them. It’s a mental state to be built to control ourselves. Disciplining our self is better than following others rules. Once you master Self-Discipline, you will be your own master. One who disdains it can’t get succeed. Self-Discipline is nothing but always being motivated. Relying on your self-discipline is better than seeking others motivation.

We need both Willpower and Self Discipline to reach our goals. Willpower helps us to start something or keeps us motivated while Self Discipline is the actions to achieve them. We need willpower for being self-disciplined. Self-Discipline is a tough road to wonderful destination which should be driven on vehicle called Willpower.

Willpower and Self- Discipline helps us to conquer ourselves while the rest is a small thing. Remember, nothing worthy comes easily.

An unexpected visit to Chennai….

When I am drawling on my bed after a nap at noon, I heard the calling bell. Opened the door with half closed eyes. My relatives appeared before me and my sleep went off. You know, some relatives will be there just to remind us we are a WASTE FELLOW. The first thing they ask will be how are your studies? When they are speaking to my mom, I remained quite as my relatives pictured me as a silent,innocent girl. I just don’t want to change that. Then they told the reason for their arrival. Their daughters marriage was fixed. My parents will always be chanting their daughter’s name as she completed her MBBS and got free PG seat. Now she is done with her PG too and going to marry a Doctor. As they stay in Chennai my parents are worried to attend the function as they don’t know that place and language. I never understands that why sometimes we feel obligated to attend functions.

After a few days… I am busy with my office work and Sunday is the only day to relax. My mom asked me to attend that obligated marriage. That too it is on Sunday. So I can’t escape. When I am in dilemma whether to attend the marriage or not , My friend said that even she wants to come to that marriage. She just wants to visit Chennai with that reason.

Chennai…. It’s a place of best memories for us. A place which gave the best people in my life. A place which taught me what life is. A place of hopes. Its my favorite city.

Sooo.. The day came to start my journey to Chennai. A day before my friend called and said that she can’t come. Oohhh God.. Now I have to go alone. Tried my best to avoid attending that but my attempts failed. So started to Chennai…..Alone….

Opened my eyes and looked through the window. Oohh.. I have reached Chennai. I felt like I had a good sleep. Opened my mobile with drowsy eyes. 9 missed calls from Mom!!! It’s already 9. I am supposed to reach by 7. 45a.m. It means… I missed my Stop. Got down in next stop. Reached the function hall an hour late than planned and my mom was scolding me all the way that I slept carelessly and missed the stop.

Looking out of the cab and seeing the places I spent with my friends.I heard that a place can change your mood. Now I experience it. I like the feeling that i am in Chennai.

As soon as I entered the room my aunt showed me … A group of 5 ladies came to me smiling and continuously asking questions like how are u? How long it had been we met? How is everyone at home? I felt like running back. When they finished all their questions , I answered them slowly. I entered into rest room as soon as the person from rest room came out, just to avoid their questions.

Got ready. Now I am little bit comfortable with them. Am I the only one who feels bore of marriages? It took half day to complete all the procedures. Finally most awaited program. LUNCH…. I had it tummy full. I can barely walk with my tummy. I thought to take rest. But everyone wants to go for beach. As they are new to Chennai, I am the only one who has to take them. Booked a cab and went to beach.

Congratulated the couple and left. I have many friends in Chennai. I can’t meet everyone as I have to leave tonight. So I made the list whom I wanna meet on priority basis. Met a few of them because of time factor. Reminisced all the moments. Its really a wonderful day for me.

It’s time to leave Chennai. I don’t feel like going. At first, I don’t even want to come but now , it’s hard to leave. As the bus is moving tears rolled down my cheeks.

Hazy thoughts…..

It’s a  Sunday morning. I am tumbling on my bed. The weather was cool and pleasant . It’s daunting me to get up from my bed. No office, No work…I feel like spending the whole day like this. My mobile ring  jolted my hazy thoughts. I disdained it as I am busy in daydreaming.This is my best hobby. It’s ringing again. I looked at it with half closed eyes. It’s MY MOM. I am irritated at her for disturbing me early morning. Got up from bed after an hour. Another call.. Again MOM.. She asked me whether I had my breakfast.  She calls me 5-6 times a day. I scolded myself for my glib, how harshly I spoke to her before. Sometimes I feel her archaic and sometimes as a veteran in all the things. I don’t know how mothers handle everyone’s behavior in the family.

It’s 1 p.m. I am scrolling my news feed in Facebook. A lady picture caught my attention. I felt her familiar. Yeah.. Got it. It’s the same girl who used to sit in my front bench in school. She changed a lot. It took over me  to my school reminisce. How peaceful it was without any incumbents and responsibilities. If exams got over everyone’s face gloats. Missing those days. Whenever I reminisce those memories my eyes becomes wet.

I had my luncheon. We don’t know the value of things when we have them. Whenever I see my  hostel food I feel homesick.

Being CA students, most of our free time will be spent on new laws, amendments, scams and books. We don’t have social life. No friends, No parties. Nothing…… This is what most of the people thinks . But nooooo…. We too will have social life,friends,parties but a bit lesser than the others.

It’s evening.  Since morning I am alone in room. Now it’s too boring.I had a plan with my friends. I Called them. We planned to go out for dinner. One wants to have Biriyani, One tells Burger, the other one chats. It’s the most ambiguous thing.  At last  we ended it with sandwich. I have craziest friends in the world. Spending with them is  the most peaceful part of my hectic life.

Sunday nights are the saddest part of the day as we have to go to work again. Have to make everything ready for tomorrow.

Spent a Sunday lazily with crazy friends and hazy thoughts.